“Design for Life” Theme Design Competition Calling for entries for the “Design for life” theme design competition


(Beijing, China)- "Design for Life" Theme Design Competition 2008, organized by Capital Corporation Image Institution (CCII), now is calling for entries all over the world.
The challenges that the Wenchuan earthquake presented us with are much more than how to re-build the destroyed infrastructures, but also when something similar hits us again in the future, how can we respond with a more prepared and ready manner? Thus, the competition is named “design for life” since we are calling for ideas to make us more prepared for similar situations.

How to improve the structure of the houses so that they can bear more shocks when an earthquake occurs again? How to make sure such improvement is both technically and economically feasible? This is the responsibility that our generation should shoulder.

How should the efficiency of rescuing be improved? We are always moved by the stories of those survivors who were dug out after many hours, after days even; we also feel pain when we see lives lost due to inefficient rescue efforts. We cannot help but say, “what if we have this?”, “what if we had known about that earlier?” but there is no “what if’s” in life. All we can do is to make sure that such regret will never happen next time.

How to make us more prepared? In Japan, many families keep a self-rescue kit at home; this has helped a lot in similar disasters. Should we learn from them? On one hand, we should increase the efficiency of rescue teams; on another hand, it is everyone’s responsibility to help themselves in such situations.

The lack of knowledge in similar natural disasters made us panic. How to increase the awareness of such possibilities? The price that we paid this time is so high that we are all motivated to face the even minute possibility of us being affected by such incidents again. To understand earthquakes and know the “should and shouldn’t” in different situations will definitely increase the chances of survival.

Thus, CCII is calling for creative and original ideas that can truly help those earthquake victims, as well as us in the future.

A panel formed by professionals will be involved in the judging. They came from various professional associations such as: AGI, ICOGRADA, Capital Corporation Image Institution. CCII is working jointly with its marketing team to make sure that the winning projects will have their impact on society.


Language: Chinese, English (Either)

Applicant Qualifications: All individuals or organizations that have experience or passion in designing are welcome.


Submission Deadline: 10th September, 2008
For Categories C and E, it can be delayed till 20th November, 2008,and will straightly take part in the final round.

Notification of Finalist: 10th October, 2008
For those finalists that relate to products, specification and performance are needed. (E.g. model diagram)

Exhibition: 20th Sep., 2008 – 20th Sep., 2009 on Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Hongkong, New York, Berlin, Paris.
Final: 20th October, 2008- 20th December 2008
Entry Request:

Entry Form: Download here (or please visit www.010ci.net or www.ccii.com.cn )
A.Conceptual Design of Product
A-Ⅰ Self-rescue; A-Ⅱ Rescue; A-Ⅲ Aftercare Products.
B.Visual Design
B-Ⅰ Paper Medium (Poster, booklet, etc.);
B-Ⅱ Evacuation Guide System;
B-Ⅲ Any works that will elicit sympathy.
B-Ⅳ Other types.
C. Architectural Design
C-Ⅰ Moving House for Temporary Settlement;
C-Ⅱ Reconstruction after Disaster;
C-Ⅲ Continuous Antiseismic Construction.
D. New media and Short film Design
D-Ⅰ Common Sense about Earthquakes;
D-Ⅱ Information about Earthquakes and Self-rescue;
D-Ⅲ Mental Health after Disasters.
E. Other Professional Field
Including any entries about structure, tools and instruments, assumptions, proposals, drafts, or ideas about structure are acceptable; productions that are feasible, operable, and easy to spread, which are helpful to respond to disasters.

3. Materials submitted

Entries should be submitted with entry form, both paper and electronic documents are required(attach the entry form to the back of the paper form, the electronic document must be operable),photos of designers and entry explanation;
Conceptual Design of Product and Visual Design require the model and its diagram together with the electronic document : diagram , specification book, etc;
Multimedia Design require an auto run program or data that can be played by normal video player;
Author’s name invisible in entry;
Necessary content display and brief figure caption are required.

Entry Pictures: 210*297mm/200~300/piece; 94*841mm/200~300dpi/piece
Author’s photo:30*40mm/200~300dpi
Format of picture materials:JPG/PSD/AI F/DOC
RAR if necessary
Instruction of entry: A4 (within two pages)
Please follow the specification requirement strictly
4.If collective participate, please gloze the unit, major designers and vice designers in entry form.

5. Number of entries is unlimited.

CCII International Design Center
Capital Corporation Image Institution
Created in China Industrial Institution
Organizing Committee of CCII “Design for Life” Theme Design Competition

For details, please contact us.
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